“Storytime Legal Productions recently prepared a settlement documentary for me on a serious case in which a middle-aged woman suffered crush injuries to her lower extremities resulting in the loss of one leg.  The case was mediated to a very successful conclusion before a retired Superior Court Judge who had a combined 36 years of judicial experience on the bench and as a Mediator.  The Mediator commented that although she had seen many video presentations over the years, none had been as powerful and impactful as the documentary produced by Linda for our case.”   Steven J. Brewer, Esq.

“Storytime Legal Productions helped us to get an excellent settlement that I believe would not have occurred without their good work on this video.”   J. Gary Gwilliam, Esq.

“From client and other relevant interviews to the finished product, Linda has produced a number of fine documentaries that have been instrumental in the successful resolution of many significant cases.  I cannot recommend Storytime Legal Productions highly enough.”  Steven R. Cavalli, Esq.