Settlement Documentaries

“The judge told me that over the years she had seen dozens of settlement videos and none impressed her to the degree that the video that Storytime Legal Productions prepared for us in that case impressed her.  It was a large part of having the mediator understand our client’s very serious injuries, and I firmly believe that it made a significant difference in the way the mediator viewed the case and ultimately in the settlement itself”. Steven J. Brewer, Partner, Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer

Storytime Legal Productions’ settlement documentaries tell your client’s story through the use of interviews with the client, family members, friends, treating health care practitioners, witnesses and experts, as well as photographs, family videos, graphics, illustrations, key documents, animations and other visual media, and may include narration and music.   Seeing and hearing your client’s story on film brings empathy for them in a way the written word cannot.

Settlement documentaries are ordinarily presented at mediation or other settlement proceeding in an effort to maximize settlement results and avoid the risks and expense of trial.

Our Settlement Documentaries are  a powerful educational tool that allow the mediator and the insurance claims person to see first hand who your client is and how his or her life has been affected, as well as to hear from treating physicians or other experts.  It is also effective in visually clarifying and presenting key liability issues.

A professionally crafted settlement documentary will show the strengths of your case and what opposing counsel will face at trial.